Thursday, October 19, 2017

What is happening right now in your present moment?

Take a second to slow down and step back...

Ask yourself what is occurring right now in this moment? Describe what you are experiencing through the five senses. More than likely you will notice that right now in this very moment everything is perfectly ok. There are no problems or threats. If there is something negative than you can deal with it, but the majority of the time we experience problems outside of the present moment because we have some lavish story going on in our heads about the past or future. We feel like we must continually think about the problem in order to find a solution asap. Yet ironically i find over and over again that when i surrender the outside problem and focusing on keeping my attention on the inside and on the present moment than the problems resolves itself. I have experienced this countless times both in personal situations and job related issues.

So I want to challenge you to try it. Stay grounded in your 5 senses experiencing this moment and when a thought comes into your head about a future worry surrender the thought and redirect your attention to this moment. Keep doing this trusting that the solution will present it self and i promise the next thing you know a coincidence will pop up that offers a solution for you to try. And mean while you have been relishing in life rather than been lost in fear and worry.

If you would like direct assistance with this practice feel free to email me!

Much Love, Ryan

Monday, August 8, 2016

What will it take to go after your dreams?

Your dreams have been waiting for you to first find them and then chase them with passionate desire. We have so many walls built from out past conditioning. Various thoughts telling us to be conservative and move slowly. I agree our steps should be mindful and patient. Yet how often do we put our dreams to the side and settle for something less... Less risky, less different, less challenging, less fufilling. 

Of course it's scary! Every new frontier is scary! Imagine what the first human to sail out into the unknown ends of the ocean felt like! For all they knew the world was flat and they would inevitably fall off. Yet someone, some group was brave enough to follow their destiny! They had a pull within them guiding to their life's purpose. 

So what exactly stops us from passionately venturing towards our dreams?

Fear of failure.

Being uncomfortable with the unknown.

The idea that a steady paycheck is worth the sacrifice of purpose.

Having to carve our own path requires more energy then following a worn path.

A strong possessiveness to material success.

Fear of what others will think.

Feeling a loss of identity if we let go of what we have been doing in the past.

Social status.

Feeling the need to sacrifice the present moment for a better retirement. 

Perhaps not even knowing what we really want.

The list is never ending :) 

In the end everyone's reasons may be slightly different. What's important is that you inventory yourself . If you find that you are doing something outside of your dream then congratulations! Becoming aware is the biggest step! Now all you have to do is switch around your priorities and start making small steps towards a positive change. 
Possible tools
Keep a journal of ideas.
Talk with friends and family.
Find a life coach.
Spend 5 minutes a day thinking about it.
Start imaging the lifestyle you want.
Make a dream board.
Follow people on social media that are living similar dreams.
Be open to your dreams changing.
Be grateful for everything that has already   happened in your life, preparing you for what is next :)

"Follow your bliss" - Joesph Campbell

Much Love,
Know Mind

Monday, July 4, 2016

Yoga Is a Moving Meditation

I began my yoga practice years ago when i started to fall in love with meditation. I would sit with my legs crossed in silence as i focused all my attention on my breath... trying to slow down the momentum of my mind as it had been building for the last 22 years of my life. I didn't know exactly how to do it, and i tried to research various techniques but i found it to be a very mysterious topic... lots of people say they meditate and share all the benefits of a practice yet very few actually explain how to do it.

So i then started seeking teachers to help guide me on this new hobby of mine. I found Thich Naht Hahn and Eckhart Tolle. They helped tremendously and i started to experience deeper and deeper states of bliss. I was very satisfied with my meditation practice however once i ended each practice i noticed that my peace would slowly fade as i got sucked back into the overwhelming world of ego. Sometimes i would lose it sitting in traffic, often i lost it at work, or while dealing with certain "difficult" people.

Eventually i would get back home and find my peace again by sitting in silent meditation. But i wanted more! I wanted to be able to live every second in these higher states of experience. Then i was introduced to mindful walking. which is basically moving very very slowly so you can experience all the muscles and sensations of each step... rather than walking to get from point a to point b. this was the bridge that helped me understand how i could take my meditation practice to the next level. If i could meditate while i walk then i could reset much more easily than having to find a quite place to sit.

Yet the walking meditation was not very challenging as far as physical body is concerned, so when i found myself in a stressful situation it was still difficult to overcome the drama. Then i tried Yoga which allowed me to keep a mindfulness state while overcoming higher levels of stress on the body. Feeling every muscle (many i didn't even know i had) as i transitioned through the countless poses. It teaches me how to move through various strenuous positions while still keeping a centered state. This increases my resilience. Which then has a tremendous effect on helping me maintain stillness when i find my self in more stressful situations like work.

To me Yoga is more than just a physical workout designed to create strength and flexibility. If it is practiced with a mindful perspective than it can also become a moving meditation, and once you master the art of finding stillness even in the midst of intense physical movements than you become an unstoppable force of peace and bliss because every second holds the opportunity to find and cultivate peace regardless of the level of stress or challenge.

It reminds me of a powerful quote i heard somewhere... " It is one thing to be a monk in a monastery, it is another to be a monk in the midst of our chaotic world."

Much Love,
Know Mind

Monday, June 6, 2016

Experience is Relative

There are 7 billion people alive on this planet right now.
Each one carries there own unique story...
Starting with their ancestry... they each have a physical form that has been created over thousands if not millions of years. Passing down the Genetics, DNA, Wisdom, and Awareness.

Awareness is traveling through Time

Jumping from one form to the next

Being multiple perspectives at once

Possibly all perspectives

Infinite Being Is


Beyond thought

Silent State

Aware of Fate

Passing through the Gate

Can you relate?

Most can't... they will eventually, but as of right now they are unaware of the possibility of living outside of the story that the mind has created to label and direct their life... every second of it... from Birth to Death...

What matters more?

That I explain it to the best of my abilities.
That you do your best to understand.

Not just to understand me, but to understand that everyone has a story in their head that dictates their actions and reactions... They are just playing out the patterns that were given to them from birth to now through culture, family, and many other influences...

Always remolding... yet some become solid
to a point where if you try to bend it, it will break... Yet the ones who are adaptable to change are the ones that understand... Understand the fact that ever single person that crosses your path today has a real story... a story and a purpose.

Much Love
                                 -Know Mind